Reed, Alexander, and Hanlon give papers at Communitas 2017

IMG_20170329_155338466_HDR.jpgOn Wednesday, March 29th, Grace College held its annual student research day, which spotlights exemplary papers and projects from across the disciplines. Students, parents, and administrators gathered for this academic marketplace, which featured a launch party for the campus literary magazine and a film showing to boot. As in years past, the program included many particularly strong papers and remarkable research. Students from the Department of History and Political Science have given papers every year since the inception of Communitas in 2010. Every senior in the department takes the “Capstone” seminar for which they write a senior thesis and Communitas is a great forum for seniors to share their work. At this year’s event, Social Studies Education student Hunter Reed shared research on urban poverty in Benton Harbor, Michigan. This was followed by History and Communication double major Chloe Alexander, who spoke from her thesis about the influence World’s Fairs had on American society and culture. Josh Hanlon, senior history, archaeology, and museum studies student, rounded out the session with a paper examining the history and experiences of war correspondents. We are proud of all of our students and glad a few were selected to represent our department!IMG_20170329_160236115.jpg


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