Kirsten Mead comments on recent internship with Gianforte campaign

Montana gubernatorial candidate Greg Gianforte (left), Kirsten Mead and Rick Perry, former governor of Texas.Political Science major, Kirsten Mead, had the privilege of interning for Greg Gianforte’s gubernatorial campaign in Bozeman Montana this past summer. She continued the effort through the fall until election day. Here’s an excerpt from a recent story over at Grace College:

“My education at Grace prepared me well for my experience in Montana,” Mead said. “Classroom discussions and texts helped me analyze the campaign rhetoric.” Mead recalls one exercise in particular led by Professor Jeff Grose in which she analyzed hypothetical demographics and classified people into political persuasions. “It was incredible to see how often these stereotypes held true on the Gianforte campaign, and also to discover factors that caused differentiation from the stereotypes,” she said. “People’s passions, careers, and experiences can move someone who should be an obvious conservative voter to support liberal candidates, and vice versa,” she continued.

Read the whole story here. 


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