An Open Letter to the Students of Charis Bible College

Messiah College historian, John Fea, has been a great resource for students at Grace College. We have used his books in our Revolutionary America class and in our Capstone Seminar as well. John also spoke at Grace College several years ago. In this post, John models the kind of thoughtful and humble integration of faith and learning our department appreciates. We reblog this here not as declaration of one position or another, but rather for the way John invites us into a helpful methodological conversation.

the way of improvement leads home

Dear Students,

This afternoon I watched a class at your school, Charis Bible College, taught by the Christian minister David Barton.

First, I want to affirm your interest in the study of the past.  As a Christian and a historian, I am pleased to see so many people in attendance at a history lecture.  A few years ago I wrote a book titled Why Study History?: Reflecting on the Importance of the Past.  In that book I wrote that the study of history has the potential of transforming our lives by helping us to more effectively live out the Gospel.  I bring up this book because I cover many of the same things that David Barton covered in his September 30, 2016 lecture.  I also recently published the second edition of a book called Was America Founded as a Christian Nation?: A Historical Introduction.  Like Why Study…

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