GC History and Political Science Students Present Research

Grace Comunitas 1Our department was well-represented at two recent research events this semester. Edward Coplin, Josh Yoder, and Drake Darrah gave talks at Communitas, Grace College’s annual student research day. Eddy’s discussed some fascinating points of intersection between open-source approaches to knowledge and Libertarian political ideology. Josh explained the transitional nature of Civil War technology and tactics. Finally, Drake traced the relationship between gender and witchcraft in Early Modern Europe. Presentations given by Josh and Eddy were shortened versions of their senior theses.

Just this past weekend, Darrah and Yoder took their research on the road, presenting at Grace Comunitas 2the Chicagoland regional gathering of the Conference of Faith and History (CFH). This year’s Chicagoland regional CFH meeting was held at Judson University in Elgin. In addition to our Grace College students, the event hosted undergraduate presentations from students attending Trinity International University, Trinity College (Palos Heights), and of course Judson. We are grateful to Craig Kaplowitch for organizing this year’s gathering.

Current students should keep these sorts of opportunities in mind for the future. Communitas is held annually and the Chicagoland regional CFH comes around every two years. The next national gathering of CFHers will be this fall at Virginia’s Regent University.

Grace Comunitas 3


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