Phil Webb on the Allure of Archaeology

Philip at workThis week we offer a podcast interview with Phil Webb, a graduate of the Grace Department of History and Political Science who is now working on a PhD in Archaeology. As a Grace College senior back in 2009,Phil wrote a stellar thesis on the relationship between Philistine culture and the “Sea Peoples” and since that time Phil has spent several summers on site at Tel Gezer in Israel. Here at Grace, we’ve recently rolled out a minor in Archaeology and students in the program are required to complete a summer field experience at Gezer. Excavations at Gezer, a Canaanite city-state with Bronze Age origins, have been underway since 1902, though early methods left much to be desired. The Tandy Institute of Archaeology at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary has been spearheading the latest efforts to unearth new glimpses of urban life in ancient Canaan. The work at Gezer has been highlighted in various publications, including a 2012 article in Near Eastern Archaeology.

We are grateful to Phil for helping us link up with the Archaeology program at SWBTS and for taking time out of his busy schedule to tell us about the allure of archaeology and what he’s learned from his experiences digging at Tel Gezer and Cyprus. We hope it piques the interest of current students!


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